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Open Source Developer Corrupts Widely-Used Libraries

A developer appears to have purposefully corrupted a pair of open-source libraries on GitHub and software registry npm, faker.js and colors.js, that thousands of users depend on, rendering any project that contains these libraries useless, as reported by Bleeping Computer….


France Fines Google and Facebook Over Cookie Concerns

France’s data protection watchdog has slapped headline-grabbing fines on Facebook and Google for failing to respect local and pan-EU cookie consent rules. Commission Nationale Informatique & Libertés (CNIL) said it’s fined Google €150M (~$170M) and Facebook €60M (~$68M) for breaching…


Roblox Pauses Service in China

On December 8, Roblox’s Chinese version LuoBuLeSi, published and operated by Tencent, abruptly closed down its server four months after it launched on iOS and Android. Many users, taken by surprise, took to Chinese social media to complain about the…


Mozilla Pauses Crypto Donations Following Backlash

The Mozilla Foundation is pausing the ability to accept donations in cryptocurrencies following a backlash from many users. These users included a founder of the Mozilla Project. The foundation acknowledged conversations around the environmental impact that cryptocurrencies potentially pose and…

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Instagram Brings Back Chronological Feeds

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has the company has started testing two new feed settings, including the much-requested chronological option. In a video shared today, Mosseri demonstrated a new menu with three options for how Instagram’s feed will display posts. The…


Elizabeth Holmes Convicted in Theranos Trial

Elizabeth Holmes has been found guilty of defrauding investors as founder and CEO of Theranos. A jury found today that Holmes misled investors about the capabilities of the blood testing technology at Theranos and is guilty of three counts of…


TikTok Sued by Content Moderator for PTSD

A content moderator for TikTok is suing the social media platform after she says she developed psychological trauma as a result of her job, which she alleges required her to review videos featuring graphic violence, conspiracy theories and other disturbing…