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How to Download Your Yahoo Group Data?

How to Download Your Yahoo Group Data?

Yahoo Groups was quite a common discussion forum destination many years ago. It was, at one time, a popular place for people to meet and converse online. Yahoo’s parent company Verizon Media is finally going to completely shut Groups down. As of October 28th, no new content was permitted to be uploaded. Yahoo has announced that you can send in a request to download your data up to 11:59 PM PT on January 31st, 2020. Originally, the deadline was December 14th, 2019. The company said that existing content will not be wiped until all requested downloads are complete. Here is how you can download your Yahoo Group data:

Step 1: Sign into Yahoo

Step 2: Go to your Privacy Dashboard. You will probably have to sign into your account again.

Step 3: Under “Your Products,” click on “Groups”. You’ll get a listing of all your Yahoo Groups.

Step 4: Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Groups Download Manager.”

Step 5: The next page will be the Download Manager, which will invite you to fill in the email address you want to be notified at. Your Yahoo email address will already be filled in, but you can fill in any. Yahoo will then notify you when your download is ready.

You should get an acknowledgment of your request in your email. And then you wait. It will probably be days before your data shows up. You can’t request downloads of specific groups; it’s an all-or-nothing process. So, if you plan to download all your messages before the January 31st deadline, it’s a good idea to do it soon.

The zip file contains a separate folder for each one of the groups; each folder held a single file that, in turn, contained several “.mbox” files. Mbox is a standard format for exporting email, and the easiest way to view these files is to use an email client such as Thunderbird or, if you have a Mac, the built-in Mail app.