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Zuckerberg’s New Year Resolution is to fix technology


  • Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook announced his new year resolution for 2019, of holding a series of discussions with the public, about the future of technology.
  • Every year, Zuckerberg characteristically makes major resolutions every year, including learning Mandarin, building an artificially intelligent home to name a few.

You have to take a beat and think about it when the CEO of Facebook admits that technology has its limitations.

As a yearly ritual, Zuckerberg posted his new year’s resolution ( on Tuesday where he resolved to hold a series of public discussions related to the future of technology in society.

Till date, Zuckerberg has been more of an engineer letting his work shine through, but now he confesses to understanding that it is not enough! This is why he expresses his intent to put himself out there more than earlier and discuss more publicly about the future, the tradeoffs he faces at Facebook, and the direction he intends Facebook to take.

Over the past few years, Zuckerberg has resolved to and achieved his resolutions for building an artificially intelligent home, learning Mandarin and visiting every state in the U.S. Last year his resolution was to fix Facebook.

Unfortunately, however, last year the company stock plunged by almost 30 percent and then there was that very public scandal revolving around data privacy and platform manipulation. Though he did not address these controversies directly, but he did confess to the fact that he needs help outside of the tech bubble.


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