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Bodyguard Hides Toxic Content on Social Platforms

Social networks have become an echo chamber of hate speech nowadays. The French startup Bodyguard recently launched its app and service in English so that it can hide toxic content from your eyes. It has been available in French for a few years and the company has attracted 50,000 users so far. The company has started with a mobile app that anyone can use.

“We have developed a technology that detects hate speech on the internet with a 90% to 95% accuracy and only 2% of false positive. By using a unique technology based on several layers of AI with added human moderation, we can detect, analyze and manage hateful content.” founder and CEO of the company told Tech Crunch.

After you download the app and connect the app with your favorite social networks, you choose the level of moderation. There are several categories, such as insults, body shaming, moral harassment, sexual harassment, racism and homophobia. You can also select whether it’s a low priority or a top priority for each category.

While, most moderation services rely heavily on machine learning or keyword-based moderation. The app has chosen a different approach with algorithmically cleans up a comment and tries to analyze the content of a comment contextually. It can determine whether a comment is offensive to you, to a third-party person, to a group of persons, etc.

Bodyguard scans replies and comments from its servers and makes a decision whether something is OK or not. The app can hide comments, mute users, block users, etc. The app currently supports Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch. However, it can’t process content on Snapchat and TikTok due to API limitations.

More recently, the startup has also launched a B2B product. Other companies can use a Bodyguard-powered API to moderate comments in real-time on their social platforms or in their own apps. The company charges its customers using a traditional software-as-a-service approach.


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