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Facebook Informs Configuration Change Caused Users to be Logged Out Unexpectedly

A configuration change at the back-end of Facebook forced some users on the platform to log out of their accounts unexpectedly.

The Twitter threads also revealed that many users who were logged on into the Facebook app were logged out and then had to re-login. Many users even had concerns that Facebook suffered a security threat that caused them to reset the login sessions. While there is no indication at this time that a breach occurred.

The problem started on Friday and went on till Saturday for Facebook users before it finally got resolved. The problems began for users on the r/Facebook Reddit. The affected Facebook users on Reddit said that they were receiving prompts from Facebook apps, even though they had not signed out.

The users were greeted by a message stating – Session expired. Please login again. Once pressing OK, users were supposed to log back into Facebook, with many realizing they no longer remembered their passwords.

Facebook tweeted, “We are aware of the problem. We are looking into issues of people being logged out and having to login again to access their accounts on the platform. We are working on resolving the issue. Thank you for your patience.”

It was found out that the most affected by the log-out issue were iPhone users. The users on iOS were having difficulty logging back into their accounts even using two-factor authentication. Though most of them could eventually log back in, the authentication codes were taking longer to reach the users, and some had to upload pictures of their ID to regain access.

Facebook later admitted in a tweet that the issue occurred due to a configuration change, and it even thanked engineers who fixed the issue patiently.

Later a company spokesperson said, “On January 22 a configuration change caused some people to be logged out of their Facebook accounts. We have investigated the issue and fixed it for everyone. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”


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