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YouTube is Testing Clips on Live Streams and VODs

YouTube is testing a new feature called Clips with a small group of creators which allows users to make short, shareable videos out of creators’ live streams.

Those clips can be anywhere between five and 60 seconds in length and will have a new URL associated with them and links back to the creator’s channel. Creators or viewers will be capable of creating clips by clicking on the clip icon. The feature is as of now limited to desktop and Android devices. Whenever viewers clip a stream and share it they help the channel gain more viewers.

It’s a smart move from YouTube because clipping is standard to a live-streaming industry. You can now easily share live video content via a short video clip that can be posted on all social media platforms, rather than viewers skimming through an hours-long stream.

Viewers create clips from streams when there’s a funny moment, an insightful quote, an embarrassing blooper in a video.

Presently YouTube is testing Clips with a small group of creators and gathering feedback to guide further development of this feature. Clips can be created during a creator’s live stream and from the video on demand (VOD) which will be uploaded later.

Clipping is a great feature in live streaming and it’s finally being adopted by YouTube. The popularity of Clips on Twitch indicates these could be significant additions to YouTube.

Clips allow creators and viewers to grab footage from a live stream, between 5 to 60 seconds in length, and share it with other people.

It’s considerably more convenient to share to a 15-second clip than 3+ hour live stream, for example. One use case that immediately comes to mind is the Google Search Central streams with John Mueller.

YouTube’s Clips feature isn’t ready for a wide release yet as an experimental version is in a testing phase.

If you are watching content from one of the channels of the test group, you’ll see a clip icon under the video that resembles a pair of scissors. Tap the clip icon and select a portion of the video to share with others. Add a title and click on Share Clip and after this YouTube will generate a URL for you to share.

YouTube adding the feature is a signal that the online video titan helps to boost the live-streaming operation. Clips help channels grow. A good clip that goes viral can bring in a huge number of new viewers.




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