How to Register Company in USA: Everything You Need to Know

Register Company in USA

Want to register a company in USA? Starting a business in the country is not so complicated, even if you do not have a visa of respected country and aren’t planning to visit. You can manage an LLC from another country, but it may not be allowed in the United States without a valid work visa. Non-citizens can be a shareholder and/or director of US corporations but to be an officer and perform any duties in the country, you would generally need a visa. If you plan to open a small business in the United States, you do not need citizenship or residency in order to open it either.

Having a US company allows you to do several things including:

  • Open online accounts with businesses like Amazon FA
  • Open a United States bank account so you can sell to domestic clients
  • Gain access to a new market that can enhance the reputation of your business, both in your home country and in the US

Steps to Starting a US Business

  • Decide what type of business organization is right for you.
  • Decide where you should form your LLC.
  • Find a local registered agent.
  • If applicable, register your LLC or S-corporation.
  • Apply for an EIN.
  • If necessary, get a US mailing address.
  • Open a US bank account.
  • Open a merchant account so you can accept payments from customers.
  • Purchase business insurance.
  • Get a local US phone number for your new business.
  • Research what your tax liability is going to be.
  • Be sure you are keeping your business and personal accounts separate.
  • Pay annual fees and any other required fees.
  • Make sure you’re in compliance with any city, county, state, and federal requirements.
  • Consult a US business lawyer licensed to practice in the state where your business is located.