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Facebook Introduces New Management Tools and Features for Groups

Facebook Introduces New Management Tools and Features for Groups

Facebook is continuously experimenting with its ‘Groups’ feature and is now adding new management tools and features to it. The reason behind this step is to encourage meaningful conversations, and as per Facebook the best way to achieve it is through tight-knit communities.

List hereunder are some new updates from Facebook for its Groups feature:

  • Group admins will now have the option to publish posts with larger text, block quotes, and bulleted lists.
  • Facebook’s mentorship feature that allows administrators to pair people up to work together on skill development or other support programs, can now be used by all groups.
  • More groups will now be able to offer subscriptions, letting them create separate content and conversations for dedicated members. The feature was introduced by the social media giant in June 2018 but was limited to groups that Facebook chooses to partner with.
  • App admins will now be able to easily notify members about how their post violates a rule, search through membership requests by name, and sort through previous member activities by data range.

Although these are small changes, but they are certainly in line with Facebook’s interest in making groups a more vibrant part of the platform. The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg first launched the features to make groups a bit more prominent in May 2018 stating, “People want to be a part of meaningful communities.”

Not just this, last year, Facebook even stated that the group content would have a larger presence in the News Feeds. Adam Mosseri, who at the time was leading the News Feed, said, “Group content tends to inspire a lot of conversation. Communities on Facebook are becoming increasingly active and vibrant.”


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