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Customer Service Features Added to WhatsApp Business app on Desktop & Web

Customer Service Features Added to WhatsApp Business app on Desktop & Web

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app formally released their standalone app aimed at small business customers a year ago. In this short a while, the company claims that the WhatsApp Business app has already acquired 5 million business customers. Their popularity is only going to increase as the features that were earlier only available in the mobile version are now available on the desktop and web versions as well.

The most interesting of these features is the ability to organize and filter chats, and to respond to the customer enquiries instantly.

The second feature above, named Quick Replies lets the businesses respond to the frequently asked questions with pre-typed or template responses. This is actually a derivation of the age old Facebook Pages feature which was called “Saved Replies” where Facebook Pages owners could answer their clients’ queries with these drafts or template messages.

These Quick Replies can be triggered on WhatsApp Business apps simply by typing in the “/” key on the keyboard.

This feature is a great addition to the existing customer-service oriented features like automated greeting messages that trigger the moment a customer pings them, or even the “away” message for the times when no one is around to answer any new queries immediately.

Apart from Quick Replies, two more features recently added to the desktop and web version are – labels and chat list filters. As the names suggest, the Label feature lets you sort out contacts using labels and Chat List Features lets you filter the chat lists according to categories like Groups, Unread Messages, or Broadcast Lists.

All these features were already available earlier in the mobile version.

This actually is going to be a big help to the small businesses who are using WhatsApp Business to connect with their customers as they can multitask easily on their desktop or the web version while taking care of other tasks on their everyday to do lists.

This means that they would not have to switch to their phones if they wanted to offer even some of these basic customer service features.


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