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WhatsApp, Twitter, and Indian Government get Supreme Court Notice

The supreme judicial body and the highest court of India, The Supreme Court has asked the Indian Government and WhatsApp to reply to a fresh plea alleging lower standards of privacy for Indians in comparison to the users in Europe.

The top court said, “Users on WhatsApp are apprehensive that they will lose their privacy and it is our duty to protect them.”

A bench of Chief Justice said, “You may be two or three trillion companies but people value their privacy more than money and told WhatsApp even as it sought that Europe has special data protection laws which India does not.”

The apex court issued notice to the government and WhatsApp on an interim plea filed in a pending plea of 2017.

The advocate for the petitioner argued that the messaging app was applying lower standards of privacy for Indians and they should be barred from sharing data with Facebook.

Senior advocate, appearing for WhatsApp contended that Europe has a special law and it will follow the law if the Parliament makes it a similar law.

The bench said that citizens worry about the loss of their privacy and they even think that their data and chats being shared with others and this needs to be looked into.

The Government told the apex court that the social media apps cannot share data of users and data needs to be protected. The petitioner challenged that the data of users is being shared for profit.

The court has even sent a notice on plea Seeking Content Regulation, ‘Fake News’ to the Indian government and Twitter

The Supreme Court has sought replies from the Government of India and Twitter on regulating content and advertisements spreading hatred through fake news and instigative messages using fake accounts.

A bench of Chief Justice issued notices to the Government of India and Twitter Communication India Pvt Ltd on the plea filed, which said there are hundreds of fake Twitter handles and fake Facebook accounts in the name of high dignitaries and eminent people. These fake Twitter handles use a real photo of eminent citizens.

The plea said that fake news is the root cause of riots. It even said that at present the total number of Twitter handles in India is around 35 million and the total number of Facebook accounts is 350 million and experts say that around 10 percent of Twitter handles and 10 percent of Facebook accounts are duplicate/bogus/fake.”

The plea even said that political parties use fake social media accounts for promotion and image building, especially during the elections.

The plea also seeks a law as per which an action can be taken against Twitter for willfully promoting anti-India tweets and penalize them.

The Advocate for the petitioner said that the directions are needed for establishing a mechanism to regulate hateful content on the social networking site.

The bench said that it will soon issue a notice in the matter. The Supreme Court of India is becoming assertive about the social media platforms following the rules.




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