Google Suspends Trump Campaign app From Play Store For Non-Functionality

Google has suspended the Trump 2020 campaign app over policy violations from Google Play Store. Google took this step following a report from Android Police which said that the app was unable to load any content. Both the Android version and the iOS version of the app had been left online since the November 2020 elections but had not received recent updates which likely contributed to the app’s stability issues.

The App store intelligence firm Sensor Tower says, “The Play Store version of the Trump 2020 campaign app had not been updated since October 30, 2020.”

According to Android Police’s report, the app was hanging and couldn’t load content, and it even reported connectivity issues. We understand the issue exists, as when the users downloaded the app, it would either hang on the initial loading screen with a spinning “T” logo or it would immediately report a server error at startup. In either case, the app would never load.

Recent reviews by users on the Play Store noted these issues, saying things like  – will not open, absolutely terrible doesn’t even work, the app doesn’t even work, wouldn’t open keep saying check connections, and a lot more. One user even asked the developer to respond to the numerous complaints, saying that please reply to people commenting. It’s not loading.

Google, though, did not cancel it. Google took this action now as The Trump 2020 Android app has been experiencing problems for some time.

Google said that the app has not been banned from the Play Store, only suspended for its non-functionality. Google even stated that the app can be reinstated if the issues are addressed. Google said that it also made an attempt to reach out to the developer of the app before taking down the app, though it never received a response from them.

A Google spokesperson said, “The Trump 2020 campaign app lately stopped functioning, and we tried to reach out to the developer to address the issues. Our policy is to remove the non-working apps from the Play Store if they are not fixed.”

He added, “Though, we found that the iOS version was still functional able to load, and could send confirmation codes to a phone number. But when users visited the app’s main screens, it also presented an error message. This error doesn’t affect the user’s ability to browse through the previous content on iOS.”

Sensor Tower also revealed that the Trump 2020 app’s Android version hadn’t seen any new installs since February 7, 2021. It was also noted that the Android app had around 840,000 installs the iOS version had close to 1.5 million downloads.

This is not the first time the Trump 2020 campaign app issues have made headlines. Months before the US presidential poll, some TikTok users even planned to troll the app in its App Store user reviews. For some reason, the Gen Z users believe a lowly rated app will be removed from the app stores. Though, that is not at all true. This all did lead to bringing down the app’s overall star rating to just 1.2 stars, and finally forced the Trump 2020 campaign to reset the app’s ratings.

Though the election is over, users have still been leaving bad reviews on the app along with 1-star ratings.



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