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Pandora and YouTube Music Now Part of Android’s Default Alarm Clock

Pandora and YouTube Music Now Part of Android’s Default Alarm Clock

The Google Clock app, Android’s default alarm clock, now features new alarm options – Pandora and YouTube Music.

Yes, you got it right! Android devices can now wake you up with Pandora and YouTube Music. This new functionality was introduced with Android version 6.1, and has been recently announced on the Twitter handles of both the streaming services.

It’s completely a new functionality for anyone subscribing to these services, which includes Google Play Music subscribers (having free access to YouTube Music Premium as part of their subscription), and those who Google is planning to transition onto the service later this year.

You can start using these new alarm options as soon as you update your Clock app. Simply go to the alarm section and tap on the sound option underneath any given alarm to set Pandora or YouTube Music. Each and every music has its own tab, within which you can choose your desired playlist or search for your favorite music from the entire library.

This is not the first time, you have been streaming music as an alarm using the app. Last year, it was Spotify and this time it’s Pandora and YouTube.


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