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Twitter Introduces Vaccine Misinformation Warning Labels and a Strike-based System for Violations

Twitter announced that it will soon be injecting new labels into users’ timelines on the platform to fight against misinformation that could likely disrupt the COVID-19 vaccines execution. The labels will appear as pop-up messages in the retweet window. These labels are the latest product experiment of the company designed to shape behavior on the platform.

The company will attach notices to tweeted misinformation warning users that the content is likely misleading and is not appropriate as public health information. These initial vaccine misinformation steps will be conducted by Twitter’s human moderators and not any automated moderation systems.

Twitter says the goal is to use these initial determinations to train its AI systems so that later a mix of human and automated efforts will scan the site for vaccine misinformation. The new misinformation measure will initially target tweets in English before expanding.

Twitter has even hosted a new strike system for violations of the company’s pandemic-related rules. The new system is planned by the company after a set of features it implemented for voting-related misinformation and voter suppression. Within the set framework, a user with about two or three strikes will be facing a 12-hour account lockout. With four violations, the users will lose account access for one week, and after five strikes the user will get a permanent suspension.

We will label misleading information about the adverse effects of receiving vaccinations, as these claims have been widely debunked. We also label content that suggests that the vaccines and vaccination programs are part of a deliberate or intentional attempt to cause harm or control populations. We will also remove misinformation on how vaccines are developed, tested, and approved by official health agencies as well as remove misinformation about government recommendations.

Twitter introduced its first pandemic-specific policy a year ago, banning tweets promoting false treatment or prevention claims along with any content that could put people at higher risk of spreading COVID-19. Twitter added new rules focused on popular vaccine conspiracy theories In December and at that had announced that warning labels were on the way.

Twitter recently announced a range of new products that the company believes will help the platform meet its 2023 revenue goals. The planned products include a subscription-based feature, Super Follows that will allow the users on the platform to charge their followers for additional content. The company also unveiled a feature called Microcommunities that will permit its users to form small groups based on a common interest. It also introduced a Safety Mode which is an improved safety feature that will detect when a user account is flooded with negative comments from other users. The company also introduced a feature called Birdwatch aimed at stopping the spread of misinformation.



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