Apple now Allows Users to Automatically Transfer your iCloud Photo Library to Google Photos

Apple has recently rolled out a new feature that will allow users to copy their pictures and videos stored in iCloud Picture Library to Google Photos without any hassle.

As per media reports, the new service will allow users to automatically transfer photos, videos, and albums from your iCloud Photo Library to Google Photos.

Once a user starts transferring the photos and videos in iCloud Photos, they will receive the transfer request’s email notification. Then another email will be sent when the transfer is complete. Users can follow the steps below to transfer iCloud Photos content

    • Sign in with their Apple ID at
  • Then Select ‘Transfer a copy of your data’
  • Follow the prompts to complete the request
  • The users will be asked to sign in to their Google account to start the transfer

Apple has made it clear that the transfer will take about three days to a week and said that the company uses this time to verify that the request to make the transfer has been made by the user himself.

However, Apple says some things will not be able to transfer. The company detailed that the shared albums, smart albums, photo stream content, live photos, some metadata, and media that are not stored in iCloud Photo Library will not be able to be a part of the move.

The part about Live Photos is still raising eyebrows. iPhones take the Live Photos by default, and Apple has not made it clear if the entire set of pictures will be left behind, or just the video clips surrounding it.

Apple even confirmed that the feature will not be removing or altering anything from the iCloud Photo Library. It will just simply make a copy of it, thus users will still need to manually delete things if they no longer want them to be stored in iCloud.

Presently the feature is currently only available only in the countries like Australia, Canada, Iceland, Liechtenstein, the European Union, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, the UK, and the UK.

If a user is looking at making a change from iPhone to Android or just wants to use Google Photos, this new feature will provide an easy way to quickly transfer all of the photos to the service without having to re-upload them one by one.

After the iCloud photos are transferred to Google, the filenames of albums and videos start with – Copy of.

A few clicks and the photos will rush to their new home. The users just need to make sure that they have a Google account to use Google Photos and having enough Google storage space.

The new tool seems to a strategy to dodge future antitrust moves where Apple could be called limiting in its services offering.

Off late, Apple has been proactively making changes to iOS and related services to make users feel that it is not limiting.


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