Microsoft’s latest Garage app Allows Recording Group Transcriptions

Microsoft’s experimental division Garage has launched a new app called Group Transcribe that will let groups of people capture real-time collective meeting transcriptions using their smartphones. Presently Group Transcribe is available for free for iOS users and it supports more than 80 languages like Hindi, Greek, German, Japanese, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, and French.

The Group Transcribe app uses a multi-device approach to provide real-time, high-quality translation and transcription, so the users can be more productive during meetings.

Group Transcribe permits users to address an authentic, ad-hoc, interactive mobile scenario to help people communicate without language barriers.

Group Transcribe app offers all the users quality, real-time transcription, and translation. It helps make AI accurate and inclusive by permitting an option to contribute conversation data.

Xuedong Huang, Technical Fellow and CTO of Cognitive Services at Microsoft said, “Improving these models with usage data will ensure that our customers will have the best experience.”

Lainie Huston, Program Manager and Author at Microsoft Garage wrote in a blog post, “This app uses multi-device approach to offer real-time, high quality of transcription and translation so that users can be more productive during in-person meetings and conversations.”

Anyone who wants to participate in the group transcription needs to download the Group Transcribe app. Then, one person can begin with the transcription and invite others to join by sharing a QR code, or by even joining the group transcription by sharing over Bluetooth.

Then, the application will start transcribing the group’s conversation, taking note of who said what. Group Transcribe can also auto-translate things individuals say and show those translations in line as a part of the transcription. Transcriptions are saved in the app so users can share or review them after meetings.

The company said, “The users can skip note-taking and just focus on the conversation.” Users can leverage real-time transcription to have a conversation across different languages and make meetings inclusive.

The app allows deaf people or people hard of hearing, or non-native speakers to participate and engage by following with the live transcript.

Microsoft suggests that each person participating in the meeting should use their own phone within arm’s reach to have the best experience. In an FAQ, Microsoft said, “Group Transcribe doesn’t have a limit to how many people can join a transcription; however, it notes that the app works best for “in-person meetings or face-to-face gatherings with up to four people.”

To effectively use this tool of Microsoft every user will need to use his personal mobile phone within arm’s reach for the best quality experience.

Microsoft doesn’t require you to sign in with any kind of account to use the app. You just simply have to enter your name and your preferred language. The app sends data to the cloud as a feature of the transcription and speaker identification process, yet Microsoft permits users to choose whether they want to share meeting recordings with the company. This will be later used to help improve Microsoft’s speech recognition technologies. And if you are making a group transcription, everyone in the group needs to agree to share recordings before sharing them with Microsoft.

Franklin Munoz, principal development Lead and one of the lead engineers who built the project said, “This can be a fantastic tool for communication. What we would love to witness is breaking down barriers for people speaking various languages.”



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