How To Prevent Coronavirus? Here’s WHO’s Coronavirus Prevention And Safety Guidelines

How To Prevent Coronavirus? Here's WHO's Coronavirus Prevention And Safety Guidelines

COVID-19, popularly known as Coronavirus, is considered one of the most serious illnesses of this decade. It has affected several thousand individuals, but how to prevent coronavirus is still a question that is haunting the world governments. Coronavirus symptoms are like that of the normal flu, but the further effect of Coronavirus is far more severe and deadlier than any other flu. World Health Organization (WHO) has come up with Coronavirus safety guidelines, and several tips on Coronavirus prevention.

How does the coronavirus spread?

Like most of the diseases and viruses, Coronavirus spreads vis cough, sneeze droplets, and direct body contact. When a coronavirus infected person coughs or sneezes, they release the virus in the air, which can affect any nearby individual. Direct contact or directly inhaling the infected air can transfer the coronavirus immediately. It has been declared that one must maintain a six feet distance from an affected person.

How to prevent coronavirus?

If a person has the coronavirus symptoms, then you should stay away from that person. WHO recommends that one must wash their hands properly with soap. Clean the back of the hand, between the fingers, and under the nails to prevent from Coronavirus.

If one is suffering from cold and cough, one should avoid public places, and rather stay at home, and visit a doctor. Use a tissue paper or a handkerchief while sneezing and coughing. It has been said that one should avoid using their hands or use elbows for covering their face while coughing and sneezing.

World Health Organization (WHO) has also said that one should wear a face mask to block the coronavirus fluids in the air. However, the microparticles can pass through the face mask. Also, the mask keeps our eyes open and thus we are anyways exposed to the virus. But it will be safer to put on a mask, as it will reduce the chances of spreading the disease.

It is also recommended that one should seek medical help immediately if they have the coronavirus symptoms. Also, avoid traveling to public places as this increases the chances of getting and spreading the virus. Healthcare professionals can better help the situation.

One of the important guidelines is that one should avoid going to markets, avoid unprotected contact with animals. Animals cannot wash, and they have higher chances of getting infected by the Coronavirus. Avoid eating meat and chicken as this can lead to coronavirus outbreak.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Director-General of the WHO) took to his official Twitter handle to give guidelines on how to prevent coronavirus via touch. Here is the official tweet by the Director-General of the World Health Organization. Also, there have been reports that some people are targeting others with a specific ethnicity, immorally associating them with COVID19. Such acts are to be considered as highly immoral and illegal. During the time of a worldwide crisis, every nation and individual should work towards the betterment of the world populace and show affection towards each other. 


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