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Tim Cook Changes His Name on Twitter

Tim Cook Changes His Name on Twitter

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has changed his name to Tim Apple on Twitter. Technically, it shows “Tim ” on Twitter, but the Apple logo symbol can only be seen by Mac or iOS users.

TimCook Changes His Name on Twitter

Yesterday at a typical American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting, Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, flubbed Cook’s name, calling him “Tim Apple.” As soon as this mistake made the headlines, it took off on social media, and became a trending moment on Twitter. To enjoy this moment with everyone on the Internet, Tim changed his display name on Twitter to “Tim ”.

Since the Apple logo character isn’t a Unicode symbol, so it is only visible on Apple operating systems. So, if you are an Android or Windows user, you will only see a blocked-out square or another “failed to render” symbol.


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