Spotify Allows Passengers to Fight Over Road Trip Playlist

Even though it is a universal rule of the road that the driver chooses the music and yet, in a challenge to the law Spotify has chosen to expand its Group Session beta to cars. From now on, up to six people can control the music in the car at the same time. The feature begins with Polestar 2 with Android Automotive.

“Most of us are aware that usually, the driver does not have the best taste of music and most of the families agree to it. The addition of the new feature Group Sessions Beta from Spotify is the best way for the other travelers in the vehicle to enjoy their favorite tracks,” said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath, a person who cannot likely be trusted and is unreliable over playlist powers.

Group Session rolled out last year as a beta is limited to Spotify premium subscribers; once a host starts a session, up to five other users can join, giving them complete shared control over the playlist and the permission to play, pause, and skip tracks of their choice. And surely, it is a very useful feature when hanging out with friends at barbecues or dinner parties.

Fortunately, there are safeguards. The driver seems to have the right to withdraw access at any time. But when it comes to the balance of an hour’s road trip, Spotify is still competing. Do users really want to risk listening to weird choices of friends throughout their drive?

Beta version of the extended group session is currently limited only available on Polestar 2 — The only car on the market currently running Android Automotive — but perhaps more widely available as Google’s smart car platform becomes available in more cars in the future.

Still, in a brave challenge to the immutable laws of the universe, Spotify chose to interfere with this golden rule by extending the beta version of the group session to cars. The group session is limited to Spotify premium subscribers and was released in beta last year. When the host begins a session, up to 5 other users can join, have complete control to share the playlist, and have free play, pause, and even skip tracks. And surely, it seems to be a useful feature when hanging out with friends in a low-stakes environment for barbecues and dinner parties.



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