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Google Finally Launches Lookout App for Visually Impaired People

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Last year, Google made an announcement to introduce Lookout app for visually impaired people. This week, Google finally made it available to download, although it’s only for Pixel users in US.

Backed by AI, the Lookout app has the ability to identify objects through your phone’s camera, read text in signs and labels, scan barcodes, and identify the currencies.

As per Google, since the announcement, it has been continuously testing and improving the quality of the Lookout’s results. To be cautious, Google said, “Like all new technology, Lookout’s results will not always be “100 percent perfect,” but its soliciting feedback from early users.” How to use Lookout?

Here’s how Google recommends to use Lookout app:

All you need to do is wear your Pixel device on a lanyard around your neck or placed in the front pocket of a shirt or coat. In that way, the phone’s camera gets an unobstructed view of the world, and can identify objects as well as texts in places where you might have to ask for help.

Though it’s still not clear whether the app will be available on devices other than Google’s own, but as per the scenario, it looks like Google is planning to bring the app “to more devices, countries, and platforms soon.”

It’s not the first time that any big tech company is applying artificial intelligence to helping visually impaired. Back in 2017, Microsoft released a mobile app featuring very similar functionality named Seeing AI. And this week, the Redmond Company announced an update for Seeing AI, which allows users to feel the shape of objects on their mobile devices using haptic feedback.


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