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Instagram Spotted Testing New Captions Sticker In Its Stories

sticker, called ‘Captions’, can be added to any story with a video just like anyone would add a normal sticker on Instagram Stories. Once the sticker has been added it will transcribe the audio, and generate captions automatically. Users will be allowed to easily switch fonts for captions while creating a story on the platform. The new Instagram Captions sticker is presently being tested with a small group of people. It is not clear that when Instagram plans to roll Instagram is testing new Captions sticker for its Stories that will be automatically generating captions. The new out the new Captions sticker for everyone else. Instagram added a similar feature to its Threads app earlier last year.

The social media consultant Matt Navarra shared a video about Instagram’s new Captions sticker. The 30-second video reveals how the upcoming Instagram sticker feature will work. The video shows that the app is still incapable of accurately transcribing an entire video. However, once the feature rolls out widely this could change.

To use the new Captions sticker, users will first need to add the Captions sticker to their video clip. Once users do that, the app will display a ‘Transcribing audio’ prompt on the display for a few seconds. After that, users will be able to view the text from the video clip as it plays. Users will even have an option to choose any font from the four different font options for these captions.

Instagram’s Captions sticker will likely enhance the accessibility factor, making it easier for users with hearing problems to consume video clips on Instagram Stories comfortably.  The new Captions sticker will also increase the range of new content formats for Instagram creators.

The new Captions Sticker will become another way to synchronize text with audio and video within the Instagram Stories. The tool would help creators reach a new set of audiences, enabling more users to enjoy Stories.

In November last year, Instagram had even added a similar feature to its Threads app. That feature permitted users to automatically add captions to their videos. The app didn’t do well, though many users created videos with auto-generated captions in Threads and posted the videos on TikTok. The app could also automatically censored curse words at the time of generating captions.

Instagram will likely soon add the same auto-generated captions functionality to Stories in the coming months. Instagram said that the Captions sticker is not widely available yet, and it is being currently tested internally.


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