Google Maps will Soon Allow Users to Draw on Maps to Fix Them

If anyone is irritated by a road not existing on Google Maps, the platform is making it simpler than ever to add it. Google is updating its map editing feature to permit its users to add any missing roads, realign, or rename, or even delete the incorrect roads. It calls the experience “drawing,” but it is somewhat similar to using the line tool in Microsoft Paint. When users see a missing road, they can update the app with the correct one.

The company confirms that the updated tool should be rolling out over the coming months in more than 80 countries.

Presently, if any user tries to add a missing road, he just drops a pin where the road should be and types in the name of the road and submits that information to Google. However, the new tool will make it easier for users to add the road or make corrections like fixing the name of the road or direction. The new map editor will allow users to visually add in missing roads. Now, if a user sees a missing road on, he will need to simply click on the side menu button, go to Edit the map, and select Missing Road.

Though, Google will still cross-check any corrections made, to make sure that they are accurate. As soon as a user submits a change using the new tool, he will see a warning screen where Google warns that the company does not want a bike path to be marked as a road, or does not want someone to mark a road with any intention to hurt others. That screen even says it will take about seven days for Google Maps to review the submission. The current correction screen seems to be more elementary.

Google Maps will also soon be getting a feature called photo updates which will let you share small details about a place without leaving any full review. In the app, users will be allowed to add images of a location as well as recent photos with a short description or text snippets that others have submitted.

Users can also update Google Maps to let others know if any road is closed. They can enter relevant details like dates, reasons, and directions.

Google will also permit users to write reviews of the places they have been to. Android users in the US from next month can contribute with reviews, photos, and updates.



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