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Facebook Now Showing Dedicated Gaming Tab On Its Mobile App

Facebook Now Showing Dedicated Gaming Tab On Its Mobile App

The social media giant, Facebook has now added a dedicated gaming tab to its mobile app, allowing users to easily explore game content on Facebook. Users can see this hub on the sidebar and as an option for the customizable navigation bar in the app.

This new gaming tab will not only provide a central place to play Facebook’s Instant Games, it will also let users discover new games, watch gaming videos from multiple streamers, and join and connect with gaming group present on the Facebook. The update is still running out, and will appear for all users very soon.

Moreover, the social media tycoon is also working on standalone Facebook Gaming app for Android, which is currently under beta testing. As per the company, this gaming app will provide even more features than the dedicated gaming hub that they have introduced now. With this move, it looks like Facebook is gearing up in the mobile gaming world and trying to capture some of the massive gaming audience thriving on its competitors such as YouTube and Twitch, with this move.


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