How to Help Your Remote Workers Feel Involved?

How to Help Your Remote Workers Feel Involved?

With the rise in the number of cases of COVID-19, companies and governments are suggesting that people work from home and people are taking up on that offer. However, working from home can also make employees feel isolated. Therefore, companies should strive hard to keep their employees working with as little practical and emotional disruption as possible. Here are a few ways to help your remote workers feel involved:

Make Sure They Have Adequate Tech

In earlier days, video conferencing software like Zoom was a lot less efficient and a lot more expensive. As a result, people sat through countless audio-only meetings where they lost track of who was speaking or couldn’t hear what somebody was saying at all. Now that the software has improved, companies should immediately start using a decent video conferencing tool such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts, etc.

Good software tools won’t help if your worker has lousy hardware. If employees are using personal equipment to join meetings, make sure their tech is up to date enough to allow them to fully participate in online meetings. If they constantly drop out because of an old computer or phone with a bad mic or because they have slow home internet, then see if you can get them the equipment they need, even on a temporary basis.

And if you’ve got IT people at your company who are now sitting at home, make sure they are available for a chat and/or phone consultations. Equally important is that they know how to patiently talk less-knowledgeable people through audio and visual difficulties.

Use a Chat App

You can choose from a wide variety of instant chat service including Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. The chat app will ensure that workers can stay up to date with all of the business that they need to take care of. The app is also vital for the kind of social conversations that most workplaces are full of, which are no longer happening in person.

You also want to use your chat app to make sure that everyone is up on the latest company news. What precautions are being taken at the workplace? Where can they go if they have questions or emergencies? How is HR handling sick leave? Who can they contact if there are any ordinary questions that may come up in the meantime?

Make Sure Everyone is Included in Business and Social Events

This may not be as much of an issue in the current pandemic while most people are working remotely, but it still holds. In meetings, make sure that all participants are, well, participating. Some people may at first be uncomfortable in video conferences, and so they may hang back.

While video meetings tend to work better when you feel as though you are talking to a real person, if a participant feels awkward being on camera, then they’re going to spend the meeting too distracted to pay full attention to the matters at hand.

If you or your employees decide to hold a virtual get-together, Twitch gaming session, video watch party, or another social event, make sure everyone in the company is aware of it and invited. Of course, you can have separate events for teams within the company, but it’s not a good idea to further isolate employees whose jobs may not usually involve working with others.