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YouTube’s TikTok Rival Shorts Launched in the US

YouTube Shorts, the company’s new short-form video experience, has been launched in the US.

The YouTube Shorts, TikTok rival product, permits the video creators to record, edit, and share videos of 60 seconds or less, likely accompanied by licensed music.

This feature with creator tools for making short, vertical, looping videos is expected to be available to all creators on YouTube in the US.

For licensed music YouTube Shorts has collaborated with big brands like Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Believe, Merlin, Warner Music Group, 300 Entertainment, Beggars, CD Baby, Kobalt, Empire, Reservoir, Peer, and OneRPM.

The US beta will offer millions of songs and music catalogs from over 250 music labels and publishers including Universal, Sony, and Warner Music Group.

After the launch, users were taken to a familiar full-screen vertical video experience where they were allowed double-tap to like a video, tap into the comments, or share the video with others. They will also be allowed to subscribe to the creators’ YouTube channel from Shorts if they find the content interesting.

Shorts has been designed for users who want to create short, catchy videos with their mobile phones.

Shorts Product Lead Todd Sherman said, “Users can give your own creative spin on the content they love to watch on YouTube suggests creators, remix videos react to favorite jokes, try out creator’s latest recipe, or re-enact comedy skits.”

Though the company has been testing Shorts in India the US viewers could not actually create short videos of their own until today.

YouTube remarked in a blog post that the number of Indian channels using Shorts creation tools has more than tripled since December 2020 and it has surpassed 6.5 billion daily views globally.

Shorts may see success in the US market as the country banned TikTok last year, helping boost other short-form video apps as a result.

The Shorts experience is similar to TikTok. It lacks key features, like intelligent sound syncing.

The company said it will update and roll out more features later on, like the ability of a user to add text to specific points in videos and the ability to sample audio from other Shorts videos to remix it into their creation. YouTube allows plans to permit Shorts users to access audio from any video across its platform.

Creators have an option to stop and start recording short video segments with a tap. They can also utilize the in-app editing features. At the launch, these include speed controls to slow or speed the audio, a countdown timer, text timing capabilities to make text appear on the screen at certain times and, color adjustment filters.

Facebook’s Instagram also launched a TikTok-like platform, Reels in August, after shutting down another similar platform Lasso, last year.

YouTube aims to monetize Shorts and reward creators for their content. The company is exploring all options for ways Shorts creators can make money. YouTube has agreements with over 250 publishers and labels for the Shorts product globally.

Currently, the feature can be launched via the YouTube Shorts shelf on the YouTube homepage, which is already live in some markets.

Longer-term, YouTube believes Shorts will differentiate itself from others on the market because of its connection to the YouTube platform.


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