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Twitter is Testing a Feature to Allow Users to Watch YouTube Videos on its Platform

Twitter is testing a way to let users watch YouTube videos directly from their timeline within the Twitter iOS app. When someone includes a YouTube link in a tweet, clicking that link sends users to YouTube, which can be frustrating if they don’t want to leave Twitter.

Presently this new feature is in testing on iOS. Now the iOS users will not be sent away from the Twitter platform, which will make it easier to watch a video and then scroll further if the user chooses to.

However, videos from Instagram and Facebook will still redirect users to the app concerned. For these videos, users will still have to leave Twitter for viewing them.

Twitter said that it is using the YouTube iFrame Player API for this test, and it will initially be live for iOS users in the US, Canada, Japan, and Saudi Arabia before rolling it out globally.

Before this, YouTube videos did not show a preview on iOS, so users had to click the link to start watching. This ended up taking the users out of the conversation to another screen where would play the video or tap again to open the YouTube iOS app if they preferred.

A Twitter spokesperson said, “The current test on iOS will be a four-week experiment. We plan to take a look at the results and then take it further accordingly.”

The company had announced earlier this month that it is working towards the best media-viewing experience on its app, on both sharing and viewing photos and videos. With the photo preview test that was launched on iOS and Android last week, Twitter is now offering a better preview of what images look like.

This new test arrives along with two other new features announced last week for iOS and Android that are intended at improving, sharing, and viewing media on the platform. One test adds a “what you see is what you get” image preview in the tweet composer, meaning images appear in the timeline as they do when they are drafting a tweet. The company is also testing ways to upload and view 4K images on both Android and iOS.

The company has not revealed the time frame for when this feature will be available to all the users of Twitter.

This feature is common on other messaging apps like WhatsApp. It allows users to watch third-party content in-app.

Twitter will likely end up having a few more updates on this front in the days to come.


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