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Apple Announces Apple News Plus service

Apple Announces Apple News Plus service

Apple has announced “Netflix for news” subscription service at its March 2019 event. Similar to subscription services like Netflix and Spotify, the Apple News app has been designed to aggregate paid content from multiple sources while charging the user with a monthly fee.

Considered as a single-ticket news consumer landing spot, the Apple News Plus service is built in close collaboration with multiple high-profile news organizations and publishers, who are either using a paywall or are expanding into subscriber content.

“Apple News Plus will bring you over 300 magazines across all sorts of topics,” Rosner says, accidentally saying 3,000! Apple News+ is the “only place you’ll find all of these magazines in a single package,” he added.

To top it all, Apple is also adding a new News+ tab within the Apple News app that will solely focus on magazines. Right now, Apple is focusing on fashion, food, celebrity, etc., but bundling it as a news-branded service. “Apple News+ is about more than magazines,” Rosner says. It’ll also include The Skimm, TechCrunch, LA Times, and NY Mag’s Vulture.


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