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Apple Launches Apple Card Credit Card

Apple Is Trying To Limit Third-Party Tracking

Another big announcement that Apple made today at its “show time” services event is a new Apple Card credit card. This credit card has been introduced by Apple with an intention to improve users’ experience with simpler applications, no fees, low interest rates and better rewards.

To get Apple Card credit card, all you need to do is simply signup on Apple Wallet app in your phone. As soon as you sign-up, you will get a digital card that you can use at every place where Apple Pay is accepted. What’s more, you can track your purchases, check balances, and see when your bill is due right from the app.

Talking about the Apple Card, Bailey says that it will include some Mint-like features that help you “live a healthier financial life.” Now talking about the points, Bailey stated, “Every time you spend with Apple Card, you get cash back and you get it every day. It’s called Daily Cash.”

“All the fees and high interest rates that most banks charge are just not okay,” Bailey says. So the Apple Card has no international fees, no late fees, no signup fees, she says.

As per the reports, the tech giant is partnering with Goldman Sachs for this card, and it’s powered by Mastercard on the payment processing end.


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