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Instagram Tests Adding a Seek Bar to Videos

No More Like Counts on Instagram Pictures?

Instagram is now testing out its one of the long overdue features that gives users’ access to the most basic amount of control over video playback. As per the sources, the company is adding a seek bar to videos posted on people’s feeds, which will let users to skip forward the video to a point where they want to watch and re-wind footage without having to restart the entire video, just like any other video player.

Discovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, this feature already works for videos on IGTV, but it’s the first time when the company have enabled it for people’s regular Instagram feeds. However, Instagram is not testing this feature for videos posted as part of an Instagram story.

The ability to skip videos is for Instagram what editing tweets is for Twitter, a feature that users have been anxiously waiting for years. With this test, it looks like finally the wait for Instagram users is over, however Twitter edit button is still nowhere to be found.


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