Google is Testing Memory, an Upgrade for Assistant to Help Save, Find Everything in One Place

Google is working on a new feature as an upgrade for Assistant which is called Memory. The new feature is a combination of loads of things like a to-do list, a Pocket-like reading list, and Pinterest-like collection board, and a notes app into a single digital locker which is integrated into the Google Assistant app.

If the new upgrade comes in then Memory can save a variety of content, like articles, contacts, events, flights, hotels, images, books, movies, music, notes, places, playlists, recipes, reminders, products, restaurants, TV shows, and websites.

The new upgrade will allow users to save any screen content to Memory, including links to the original source when available.

Even though Assistant already has a Memory feature for saving information like a bike lock combination or a favorite flavor of cake, the new iteration on Google of Memory seems to be a major upgrade, This will likely integrate the Collections feature that preceded it and be given top billing on the main menu bar which can be seen alongside Assistant’s daily snapshot view.

To store things in Memory, users can use a Google Assistant command or the newly added home screen shortcut. Once added to Memory, the saved items can be tagged with categories like Important or Read Later.

Memory will include features for smart search and organization to make the content easier to find.

The idea is that users be able to save almost anything, like links or screenshots, pictures or notes, or reminders, or digital to-do lists. Memory will allow users to search, sort, and revisit everything and anything that they have saved.

Users can save their screen content to Memory and even include links to the original source when available to make the content easier to search.

Depending on what the user is saving, Memory will include contextual information, even save a recipe, and also show the cooking time. A movie will include a link to the trailer. And of course, Google-based items saved like the Google Docs or the uploaded Drive files will get customized preview cards.

Depending on the content, Assistant will suggest relevant actions and information like Check flight status, Watch Trailer, Open Chat, Cooking time (for recipes), Track Shipment, and much more.

Organized reverse chronologically, Google will show Older Memories and Today as card entries.

Memory is still in the testing and Google has not announced any plans about when it will receive a public debut. In Google spokesperson said, “We are regularly experimenting and new ways to improve user experience, though we cannot provide any details yet.”


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