Apple Maps now Introduces COVID-19 Travel Safety Guidelines for Airports

Apple Maps will now provide COVID-19 related travel guidance and safety guidelines to its users for about 300 airports around the world.

From now on the Apple Maps app users on iPhone, iPad, and Mac will get all the COVID-19 related health information for any listed airport. The users will need to search for the information. The company offers this feature to its users with the help of a link to the airport’s COVID-19 advisory page, or by directly making it available on the location card in-app.

The new COVID-19 safety guidelines and information at over 300 airports in the world will be made available to the users due to a tie-up of Apple and Airports Council International. The type of information provided comprises of requirements and needs around COVID-19 testing, screening procedures mask usage, and any quarantine measures if any in effect, and generally hopes to help make the process of traveling simpler while the global pandemic continues, and as vaccination programs and other counter-efforts are set to prompt a global travel recovery.

Beginning of this month, Apple had even added the COVID-19 vaccination locations to Apple Maps within the US, which can be searched via text, Siri, or by using the Find Nearby Location feature. Last year, the company had added testing sites in various locations globally and added COVID-19 information modules to cards for other types of businesses.

Apple said that its vaccination location data is being sourced from VaccineFinder. This data has been helping to control Google Maps’ vaccine-finding capabilities. Apple remarked that healthcare providers, laboratories, and other businesses can also choose to submit their information about either COVID-19 testing or vaccination locations with the help of the Apple Business Register page. After this Apple validates the information and then displays it to users searching for COVID-19 resources in their area. At launch, information of about 20,000 vaccine locations was provided through Apple Maps and more sites were to be added in the coming weeks and Apple did so.

The Apple Maps app was updated to display these COVID-19 testing sites in Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, New Zealand, Portugal, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States.

Throughout the pandemic time since last year, Apple has always been trying to integrate Apple Maps with new COVID-related information and resources in the US and worldwide. It also added COVID-19 modules to business pages and updated Siri with more knowledge about COVID-19, testing sites, vaccination locations, and now the travel guidance.


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