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Cloudflare to Update it’s App with a Free VPN

Cloudflare to Update it’s App with a Free VPN

In an announcement, Cloudflare stated that it is adding a free VPN, Warp, to its DNS resolver app, the service that first came to mobile in November 2018. Currently, the service increases mobile data speed by making use of Cloudflare’s network to resolve DNS queries faster than your existing mobile network, but with this new update the service will now reroute the traffic to make it even quicker. Not just this, it will also encrypt the traffic for added security and privacy wherever possible.

Optimized to work better on mobile, Warp is especially designed to offer the privacy and security of other mobile VPNs. As per the claims made by Cloudflare, Warp uses WireGuard VPN protocol that will reduce battery drain compared to a typical VPN app, and will also reduce data usage by caching and compressing content where possible.

Though VPNs are considered to trick websites and services into thinking you’re accessing them from somewhere else, but it’s not the case with this new feature in Cloudflare’s app. Instead, the VPN will now increase the speed and privacy by working behind the scenes.

Talking about this new VPN, Cloudflare stated, “It doesn’t write any user-identifiable data to disk, and it won’t use it to target you with ads. Instead, Warp will rely on a freemium model to make money. You can either use the standard Warp service for free or pay for Warp+, which uses Cloudflare’s Argo technology to further increase speeds and network reliability.”

The company has neither announced the price, nor is it allowing users to sign up for Warp today. However, the company opened a waiting list where users can claim their place by updating the existing app to the latest version and signing up. They will then be notified when the service is available for use.


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