WhatsApp Business App now Rolling Out Worldwide on iOS
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WhatsApp Business App now Rolling Out Worldwide on iOS

WhatsApp Business app is today rolling out worldwide on iOS. Launched on iOS in February 2019, WhatsApp Business was available only in a few countries, however its Android counterpart was available worldwide since 2018.

A free messaging app, WhatsApp Business app allows small businesses to easily connect with their customers by letting business owners to create profile with their business email and store address. Not just this, the app also gives access to greetings and messages for easily managing interactions with the customers. To top it all, WhatsApp’s web interface is also supported by the app.

WhatsApp Business app is completely different from WhatsApp Business API, a paid service which allows larger companies to send out notifications like boarding passes and receipts, as well as respond to customer queries.

As per the sources, WhatsApp Business App is currently available in Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, India, Mexico, the UK, and the US, and will be available worldwide in the coming weeks.