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Appy Pie Acquires AppMakr, Reaches 10 Million End users

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Appy Pie, on a mission to democratize mobile application development by empowering anyone to build digital products, today announced the acquisition of AppMakr and Infinite Monkeys. This adds to Appy Pie’s Mobile App Maker platform, which has now become the largest no-code platform in the world. With this acquisition, Appy Pie has a reach of over 10 million end users.

Revered as a pioneer in the no-code mobile app space, AppMakr was initially launched in 2009 and at one point represented 10% of all apps in the iTunes App Store. The platform was acquired by their Singapore based competitor in 2013. Appy Pie and AppMakr have been competing for the top spot for several years, and both are thrilled to join force and bring both platforms under the Appy Pie brand.

No code app development is a progressing industry today, using the WYSIWYG model making app development quicker and more efficient. Gartner predicts 65% of all software development by the year 2024 will be done through no-code platforms. No-code app development platforms are helping users accomplish more for their businesses and communities, without any coding. This convenience and efficiency have led to a growing role of no-coding platforms in the software development industry.

This observation is furthered by the recent acquisition of AppMakr by the no-code giant – Appy Pie. Appy Pie is an intelligent no-code platform with a formidable portfolio of no-code products for users of varying proficiency levels.

Commenting on the recent acquisition, Abhinav Girdhar, Founder Appy Pie says, “Appy Pie has been a proponent of democratization of technology. With the recent acquisition of the ten-year-oldAppMakr, a do-it-yourself no-coding platform to create content-based apps for iPhone and Android, Appy Pie has strengthened its portfolio. Our visions are closely aligned and now we have joined our hands with the intent to empower our clients.”

He was joined by AppMakr CEO Jay Shapiro, who commented: “We have been following and have respected Appy Pie as a competitor for years. When we started looking for a new home for our millions of users, we knew that Appy Pie would be a fantastic host. We’re thrilled with this acquisition and know that it will be good for the no-code industry and all our users.”

Appy Pie is one of the largest no-code platforms with a wide range of no-code solutions. No-code is not only real, but also worth an investment as it is changing the industry by saving time, money, and strenuous hours of training.

About AppMakr

Launched in January 2010, AppMakr is a leading no code mobile app builder platform allowing anyone to create sophisticated Android and iOS mobile applications, and has been used by the world’s leading brands, including Newsweek, PBS, The PGA TOUR, National Geographic, Macworld, Harvard Business Review, Mac|Life, as well as other brands including U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate representatives and committees, bands and thousands of others to connect with their users through the mobile distribution channel. Appmakr is one of Singapore’s break out tech venture success stories.

About Appy Pie

Appy Pie is trademark of Appy Pie Inc, Appy Pie is the world’s #1 cloud based mobile app builder that allows everyone to create an app. Appy Pie is Custom Mobile Application Development software that allows anyone with no technical knowledge to create advanced applications for mobiles and smart phones. Nothing to download or install, no programming required, just drag & drop.


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