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Russia Plans To Take More Control Over Internet Traffic

Russia Plans To Take More Control Over Internet Traffic

In a move to take more control over internet traffic, Russian Lawmakers have prepared a proposal under which, Russian internet traffic would be required to be sent through servers in the country, giving the country more power to surveil and censor information.

The proposal has been approved by the State Duma, and it will now be sent to the legislative house before moving to President Putin’s desk for a signature. Russian government has already stated that a law to manage internet traffic is quite vital for protecting its national security interests, but critics have also blamed the country’s dismal record on censorship as a reason for skepticism.

Recently, Russia passed a law to ban the distribution of ‘fake news’ on the internet, but critics pointed out it as a mere move to punish government critics. Not just this, the Russian government also banned Telegram, the encrypted messaging service, last year as well as grappled with Google over URLs to banned websites.


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