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Facebook Stored Passwords Unsafely

Facebook Stores Passwords Unsafely

Last month, a security lapse was reported with Facebook. Tens of thousands of Instagram passwords were being stored in plain text, where anyone with access to certain internal systems could obtain them. But, looks like, that number is now being changed to millions. Hundreds of millions Facebook Lite users were affected by the issue as well as tens of millions other Facebook users.

Passwords are not supposed to be stored in plain text, they are supposed to be encrypted. According to Krebs report on Security First, Facebook has been experiencing these types of errors where some passwords have been being stored in plain text since 2012. Facebook said they noticed the problem in January and fixed it by March.

Krebs states that more than 20,000 employees had access to the passwords. After doing some investigation Facebook claims that there was “no evidence of abuse or misuse” of the passwords.

A Facebook spokesperson tries to clear the issue up by stating, “This is an issue that has already been widely reported, but we want to be clear that we simply learned there were more passwords stored in this way”.

Facebook has not been having the best year regarding security, with multiple hacks, this news about the password storage, and the news that Facebook has been storing some users’ email contacts without getting permission is sure to affect its user base. Speaking on the matter, Facebook stated that they will be in contact with everyone whose password was stored incorrectly.


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