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WhatsApp Bringing Fingerprint Security Feature for Users

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WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging app. Being so popular, it keeps on updating and adding new features regularly. One of the features that WhatsApp is currently working on will restrict users from taking screenshots of their private chats.

WhatsApp is apparently working on a new fingerprint security feature, which will allow users to enable fingerprint authentication within the app. Once the fingerprint is authenticated, users will have to scan their fingerprint to access their chats. WABetaInfo, which searches beta versions of apps for possible new features, is reporting all of this information.

“The app will be completely protected, so the user will need to authenticate his identity in order to open WhatsApp,” stated WABetaInfo. They go on to explain that the finger scan is not just to access specific chats, it is for the entire app.

So, apparently if you enable the fingerprint authentication, you will automatically disable the ability to take screenshots of chats in WhatsApp.

This new feature has not gone over well with the WhatsApp users. They do not understand why it is necessary. One user responded, “I don’t get it. What’s the point? How’s this useful?” Another user says, “You’ve authenticated fingerprint security that means your chat is secured. Why blocking screenshot, after all it’s your own chat, it’s your own WhatsApp, you should able to do what you want.”

The new update is still in the “alpha stage of development”, but will be available soon for Android users.

It is unknown whether or not the blocking of screenshots will make it though the final version, but if it does users will have the option to disable the finger scan to take screenshots of their chats.

In addition to this feature, WhatsApp is also working on other ones. These include animated stickers and changing the emojis within Doodle UI to make them more consistent with the rest of the app.


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