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Instagram Announces Cool New Features

Instagram to Remove Influencers' Branded Posts

Instagram is releasing more new features! These features are aimed at influencers, creators, and online businesses to make Instagram more appealing. Instagram has seemed to have taken over the photo-sharing world and surpassed Facebook.

The first feature Instagram is releasing is a new camera feature called Create Mode. Create Mode deals with the story aspect on Instagram, it will make it easier to create and share a post from scratch without uploading an existing photo/video.

The second feature has to deal with shopping. Instagram is now making dedicated shopping tags that will make it possible for businesses, public figures, athletes, publishers, influencers and artists to sell products directly through Instagram. Followers will be able to click on the shopping tag in the photo and have the ability to immediately buy the product in the Instagram app.

Instagram explained that they will not be taking any revenue, there will just be a small selling fee when using Instagram’s Checkout beta. For now, they will be testing the shopping tag feature out with a few influencers within the next couple of weeks. Right now it is in the testing phase, so they do not know who will be able to have full access to this feature.


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