Australia’s sporting events may soon get back to normal

Australia’s sporting events may soon get back to normal- Appy Pie

The Australian government plans to restart its sporting events as the number of corona cases are going down across the county. As the government relaxes restrictions on all social gatherings in the country the chances for resuming sport activities in the near future. 

As per Covid-19 dashboard figures Australia is witnessing a steep fall in number of new infections. Cases have slowed to less than 0.5% a day, compared to 25% a month ago.

Australian households are now being permitted to receive adult guests, and social gathering limitations are being lifted for weddings and funerals. After starting all these activities, the Australian government is planning to lift the ban on sports all over the country.

Coronavirus has hit the global sporting calendar by putting Olympics, European soccer leagues and the National Basketball Association on hold. It has also forced many cricket events across the world to be postponed or cancelled. The suspension of sport activities worldwide has brought the countries under mounting financial pressure. However, the Australian government is planning to restart sports to bring back the income lost during the pandemic and pave a way for a growing economy.

The Australian government is happy about its success in fighting coronavirus and attributes it to closure of external and internal borders, strict social distancing restrictions and widespread testing. After achieving the target of almost wiping out the COVID-19 the Australian government is mulling to bring back normalcy and resume the National Rugby League, which was interrupted due to the pandemic.

The concerned authorities within the Australian government will meet to discuss the matter and how sports can be restarted in the country. The sport-mad country is waiting for the relaxation so that they can get back to sports and recreational outdoor activities.


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