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Twitter to roll out new cleaner interface for threaded conversations

Twitter to roll out new cleaner interface for threaded conversations - Appy Pie

Twitter is all set to roll out a new interface for few iOS and web users to make it simpler to follow with threaded conversations. The new layout will use lines and indentations to make it much easier to see who’s responding to whom. This will initially be provided to some users on iOS and the web.

The new interface will have branching lines that will connect different parts of the ongoing conversation threads together. The lines seem to more obvious than the chat bubbles of the previous interface that appeared in a lighter gray color when the default white theme was applied.

Besides this new interface, Twitter is also testing with hiding Like, and Retweet, and Reply icons by default for replies. Extra replies will now be hidden under the Show replies label, which the user will have to click if he wants to read through the whole thread of conversation. This move will enable more tweets to fit in a single screen. This modification is also being tested on a small group of Twitter users on iOS and the web.

Presently the conversation on Twitter can turn into over-crowded and obscure. The conversation can become confusing and difficult to understand. This type of confusion takes place particularly when dozens of people are responding to each particular tweet in the same dialog. This chaos led to users replying to the wrong comment.

Twitter is showing and testing this new interface for some iOS and web users. A gif published by Twitter’s Support account shows the new test interface in action. This functionality was first introduced on Twitter’s prototype app twttr last year, and is built upon the iOS update which was released in January.

The app was introduced in January 2019 at the Consumer Electronics Show, for Twitter to try out new ideas outside its public network. Twitter was keen to know if an updated user interface would help its users to follow the conversations taking place on its platform in a batter and secure manner, particularly those long threads of conversations where usually the original user posting the tweet also participates in the back-and-forth conversation.

The company had said in January 2020 that it planned to soon bring twttr’s experiments in threaded conversations to Twitter’s main app.

From the point of promotion, the new dialog interface appears to be an enormous improvement over what Twitter presently offers.  However, we will have to use this interface to see how nicely it stands for the insistent chaos of Twitter.

Suzanne Xie, Twitter’s head of Conversations remarked, “Twitter plans to take all different branches and different parts of the conversation to one global view. The move means you can easily understand, and get a pulse of what’s happening in the conversation.”


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