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Google to Launch Android 10 Q

Google to Launch Android 10 Q

Android 10 Q is coming out. Naming Android 9 P was easy as well, it is known as Android Pie. But Android Q is a bit harder, what will it be called?

Challenges with naming Androids have come up before, like for Android N and O. It is known that each version of Androids is named after something sweet, but how many dessert foods do you know that start with Q? Not many. The previous versions all have names like- Cupcake, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, and Pie.

The internet has come up with some names, but they are all desserts that are not in the United States. Google wants to market in the US, so they are not sure about these suggestions. They are as follows:

– Android 10 Qurabiya
– Android 10 Quindim
– Android 10 Queen of Puddings
– Android 10 Qottab
– Android 10 Quesito
– Android 10 Queijadinha
– Android 10 Quirks
– Android 10 Quince (or perhaps something flavored with quince?)

Will Google have to deviate from their tradition and name Android Q something that is not a dessert? Like:

– Android 10 Quinoa
– Android 10 Quail
– Android 10 Quesadilla
– Android 10 Quiche


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