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Augmented Reality to be a part of Google Searches very soon

Augmented Reality to be a part of Google Searches very soon

Google introduced their new augmented reality technology at its I/O keynote. As per the Google, search results will soon have 3D augmented reality models implemented into them. However, it is still unknown if all search results will have this addition, or it will be limited to certain searches.

Google explained how this new AR would work with some examples at I/O. One example was that if someone was to search ‘musculature’, a model of human muscles would come up. You would have two options with the AR – you could just examine it as it appears or you could “see” it in real life by overlaying it on a camera feed. Another example was if you are online shopping you could possibly be able to see the piece(s) of clothing with your existing wardrobe.

Developers will have the option to even add their own code to models to help better support their own objects. Apparently this has started being tested and already works with NASA, New Balance, Samsung, Target, Volvo, and other groups to add support for their 3D models. This new AR addition is projected to be implemented later this year.

Augmented Reality has been played around with by Google for some time now. There have been a few projects that have been released. Another AR feature Google has been testing is turn-by-turn directions AR within Google Maps.

Augmented reality is increasingly getting more popular in today’s technological world. Developers seem to be trying to use it more and more, and it seems to be a success.


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