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LinkedIn brings back own polls feature to facilitate more engagement

LinkedIn brings back own polls feature to facilitate more engagement - Appy Pie

LinkedIn has officially brought back its polls option to gather feedback and boost engagement on the platform. The LinkedIn polls feature helps users engage with their connections by creating questions on various topics on the platform.

LinkedIn emphasizes that the polls feature will be an effective option within groups, depending on the quality of engagement and membership. LinkedIn says that a poll takes only 30 seconds to put together, and responding doesn’t require thinking of something to write but gives the respondent many options to the user just by providing alike or any other reaction.

This move came in years after Twitter and Facebook have had already polls in place on their platforms despite the fact the LinkedIn already had the polls feature.

Polls initially were available within LinkedIn groups, before LinkedIn stopped the feature back in the year 2014. Now, they’re back with a bang – so if you have an engaged, active LinkedIn group, it may be a better way to gather relevant insights, quickly and easily. The LinkedIn polls will also help to facilitate more interaction and discussion with the platform users.

LinkedIn has just chosen just the right time to bring the polls to feature back to its platform, at a time when lockdowns have been imposed on people and they are spending more time online than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Polls on LinkedIn, the professional network platform, will provide optimized business value to you and your company. By targeting a set of specific groups with your poll, you can achieve better insights. Linked polls can be created on mobile and desktop.

Besides the polls feature LinkedIn is also launching a new LinkedIn Virtual Events tool that will let users create and even broadcast video events using its platform. Video streaming can be used for work, education, and play.

 The idea behind the move is that while physical events have been put on pause in the current situation you can continue to use LinkedIn Events to plan and carry out virtual meetings on a live platform.  During the lockdown users are looking for means to connect and interact with the world and this Video-Based Events Tool will help them do this in a better way.

LinkedIn Video-Based Events Tool will help you conduct professional webinars to captivate and engage your audience. Video-based content will not stand out on our platform but it will provide the user to have a better engagement with the audience. The videos will further enhance the user’s presence on the platform.

The new LinkedIn Video Events will certainly end up driving professional responses from professional clients.

The Video-Based Events Tool will end up supporting the user’s case studies and result in the LinkedIn profile looking far more professional.   Clients are usually attracted to profiles that explain a particular situation or content which uses videos to give presentations.

LinkedIn has always been adding new features to help users engage with their contacts or clients. LinkedIn said in a statement, “The polls are gradually rolling out globally on both mobile and desktop over the next few weeks – so if you’re not seeing the option yet, you will soon.”