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Snapchat Introduces Cool New Filters

Snapchat Introduces Cool New Filters

Snapchat is becoming popular again after coming out with a few more filters. When two of the most popular celebrities, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna stopped using Snapchat so much, so did a lot of people. But after coming out with the new gender swapping features, everyone seemed to re-download it and try them out.

These filtered pictures popped up on all social media- Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. When Instagram stories came out, it seemed to pull people away from Snapchat and it became pretty popular. Snapchat seems to always be coming out with cool, creative features that everyone enjoys. The thing is though, that people are using Snapchat just for the filters but then posting the pictures on other platforms. The number of Instagram Stories compared to Snapchat stories is three times as high.

According to Similar Web, a web analytics company, ever since the gender swapping filters came out, Snapchat’s daily download rankings jumped. Even though the growth of users hasn’t been growing, the app is not irrelevant or dead. A lot of people still use Snapchat for the filters instead of using the different social media’s filters that are not as good. The question is, is that are people going to continue to stick around and use Snapchat for a while?


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