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Apple Plans to reopen a few of its retail stores in the US, Canada, and Italy over the next week

Apple Plans to reopen a few of its retail stores in the US, Canada, and Italy over the next week - Appy Pie

Apple Inc., an American multinational technology firm, has posted a letter on its website giving details on how it plans to reopen its retail stores in the US, Canada, and a few in Italy in the coming weeks. Apple had closed all of its stores in March as the COVID-19 pandemic spread worldwide. All stores in Greater China reopened in March, while Apple is taking cautious steps in its stores all over the world.

The letter said, “We’ve documented the new safety procedures and social distancing policy”

As per the letter posted on its website, Apple is emphasizing on the protection of its employees and customers. Apple has plans in place to reopen by detailing the internal process teams and following to firmly determine when a store is safe to reopen.

The letter posted on the website says that temperature checks will be done and all staff and customers will have to wear face covers and masks. Apple will also provide blankets to customers who don’t have blankets and enforce social distancing rules with a limited number of people in the store at a time.

Deidre O’Brien, Apple’s retail manager has remarked in the letter, “We commit to only reopen when we are confident that we can safely return to customers of our stores. We are looking at all the available information on Covid-19 –local cases, short and long term trends, and advice from national and local health authorities. Opening a store does not mean that we will not take the precautionary measure to close it if local conditions do not permit.” O’Brien added that each store will limit occupancy and give everyone a lot of space. He further said that the company plans to keep all health and safety measures in place for the customers and employees.

At the Apple stores which have already reopened the company has employed full-time staff for detailed cleaning every hour. Social distancing is being practiced all over the stores from the sales department to employees in the backend area. In most cases, Apple’s social distancing is in place and all the products given to the customers are thoroughly cleaned even at the time of negotiations between buyer and employee.

Over 80 percent of Apple’s 510 stores globally continue to be shut. However, the company plans to reopen 25 extra stores in the US, 12 in Canada, and 10 in Italy in the coming week.

Apple has reopened stores United States in – Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama, and Alaska. Next week it plans to reopen in Florida, Hawaii, Oklahoma, and Colorado. It also plans to open some facilities in California as well as Washington. The company website will keep upgrading the details of the reopening of other stores.

Apple was one of the first major brands to close its retail stores. However, the company now wants the customers to understand that the Apple Store experience will now be a little different for the future, in the name of safety and health precautions.


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