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Google Releases New Version of AR Glasses

Google Releases New Version of AR Glasses

A new version of Google’s business-focused Glass augmented reality headset is being released. It is no longer an experiment, but an official Google product- Glass Enterprise Edition 2. The cost of this second edition is $999, but will not be sold to consumers. It has a new processor, an improved camera, a USB-C port for faster charging, and a variety of other updates.

Although Google isn’t making Glass a mainstream product, they expect the second edition to have higher sales. It has been removed from Alphabet’s X “moonshot factory”, Google’s parent company, and moved to Google family of products. Moving the device to the Google family of products allows Google to “meet the demands of the growing market for wearable in the workplace,” according to a blog-post on Google.

Although the Glass’ second edition has been improved and more features have been added, the basic design and layout has not changed much. It is still a simple heads-up display. Google added a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 chip, which is used for augmented reality and virtual reality. With this new XR1 chip the headset will have “computer vision and advanced machine learning capabilities.”

Another new addition to the Glass headset are safety rims. These safety rims were added in a partnership with Smith Optics. Glass will also be able to work with Android now. This news was leaked months ago.

When Glass was first created, it was intended to be a mass-market product. After complaints about privacy and functionality, Google decided to make the device for surgeons, factory workers, and other professionals. Businesses that use this tool have reported “faster production times, improved quality, and reduced costs”.

Like stated before, Enterprise Edition 2 costs $999, while the older version Explorer Edition costed $1500. Other companies have also been working on business-focused augmented reality glasses, like Microsoft, Vuzix, and Epson. There isn’t much movement in creating AR glasses that are consumer-focused yet, just business-focused.


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