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Hulu’s New Update Offers a Standardized Experience and Improved Navigation

Hulu New Update Offers a Standardized Experience and Improved Navigation - Appy Pie

Hulu has started to roll its biggest redesign update in years. The company is moving toward a more standardized user interface. The new update will feature collections laid out vertically within the Home screen, while tiles within the collections are laid out horizontally, in scrollable rows.

Hulu continues to make use of its editorial imagery to highlight select titles and now uses a variety of tile sizes to communicate information about the content it recommends. Hulu will also simplify its top-level navigation, moving categories like TV, Movies, and Sports to the top of the screen, to make it easier for users to drill down into the type of content they watch.

These changes follow Hulu’s first big redesign in 2017 which arrived alongside the launch of Hulu’s Live TV experience. Even though that update did help to differentiate Hulu from other streaming services, it also overcomplicated the user interface. Hulu’s customer feedback forums were filled with complaints about the interface being too difficult to navigate and the confusing layout.

Jason Wong, Hulu’s Director of Product Management said, “When we launched the current experience three years or so ago, it was a pretty radical change. I think a standard has emerged as people have adopted streaming — it’s evident, and not just within the Disney family. We know that the majority of users have between three to five different services, and I think all of them employ this orientation on the living room devices.”

To some extent, these changes are an acknowledgment on Hulu’s part that its interface had room for improvement. They’re also meant to make it easier for viewers who move between other Disney-owned services, like Disney+ or ESPN+, the company says.

The redesigned user interface combines what works on other streaming services with Hulu’s unique features. For instance, Hulu now organizes content into familiar, scrollable horizontal rows, but it continues to showcase its standout titles with bold, cinematic imagery, along with title art, color sampling, and a gradient in larger tiles. However, in the new interface, not all of Hulu’s content gets thrown into this large template.