Google Maps to show wheelchair accessible places

Google Maps to show wheelchair accessible places - Appy Pie

Google has introduced a new feature in Maps which will highlight places that have wheelchair accessibility. The company announced that the feature will be rolled out for iOS and Android users. This feature will benefit millions of people who need wheelchair assistance or just need mobility aids at public places, like shopping malls, restaurants, offices, etc. Google has been collecting information on locations’ accessibility for a couple of years, and now they’re launching it.

To enhance the accessibility for people dependent on wheelchairs Google Maps is officially introducing a new mode highlighting accessible places on the app. Points of interest featuring accessible entrances, bathrooms, and other features will now be prominently marked for users.

Many people require such accommodations as ramps or automatic doors, from people with limited mobility to people with strollers or other conveyances. To fulfill such a requirement of its users Google has been collecting information of all such locations for a couple of years.

Not only for people with wheelchairs or less mobility this will feature also be useful to any other user. It is good for any user to know if there’s a flat entrance or ramp ahead. For instance if a shopper is carrying something heavy, or is using a stroller, or has a leg injury it will easy for him if he knows there is a ramp ahead which he can use. As per the company highlighting locations that make entering and exiting easy is useful to a variety of people, even parents of kids with strollers.

To turn this feature on, the Google Map users can go to the Settings section on the app and then click Accessibility Settings, and after that the Accessible Places. This will lead to a search for any such location. If the user further goes down into the details he can get the address and hours that will show what is available and for how much time.

The wheelchair icons will now emerge in search results whereas the other details like parking, elevators, entrances, and restrooms will now appear in listings. The users will have an option to add this information when he submits an edit to a listing. The information can also be added by a Local Guide. Moreover, the user can check the specifications and details for the wheelchair accessibility feature through this guide on the Google Maps Help site.

As per Google since the year 2016 it is working hard to make Maps more useful for users.  They have been adding various features for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. In 2018 Google added a feature that lets its users find accessible transit routes.

Making the accessibility feature possible with the help of crowdsourcing, the company says Google Maps now has accessibility-related information and data for more than 15 million places across the globe. Google at the present is rolling out an update to the iOS version of Maps that makes it easier to submit accessibility information and use it.

The new feature is being rolled out for users in Australia, Japan, US, UK. More countries will follow the run.


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