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Be Careful With Your Personal Information

Be Careful With Your Personal Information

It isn’t news to anyone that companies store a bunch of their users’ data. A lot of the data is personal data like, addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, mental health inquiries, or private conversations. People don’t like the fact that this kind of information is just out on internet servers, where the wrong kind of people can hack into. Many employees of company have access to these servers and can use the information in wrong ways.

An example of this happening is with Snapchat. Motherboard reported that Snapchat employees have a special tool that gains them access to locations, phone numbers, email addresses, and even saved snaps. This tool is called SnapLion, and has been used by employees to wrongfully spy on users.

The data that these companies collect helps them better serve you, but sometimes they will shadily send it to third parties or advertisers. This kind of data was collected way before the internet as around.

The repercussions of collecting this kind of data is never emphasized by companies. Also, the fact that anyone of the company hires has access to this data, isn’t emphasized either.

This is just a reminder to be careful with your information when giving it to companies. You do not know for sure where it is going or who has access to it.


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