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New Jailbreak Tool for Apple’s iOS 13.5 Released

New jailbreak tool works on Apple’s just-released iOS 13.5 - Appy Pie

The hacking group UncOver has released a new jailbreak tool for iOS devices. This can even break out iOS 13.5, the just-released version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Jailbreaking is the process of hacking an iOS device to allow users to remove software restrictions put in place by Apple. Once a device is jailbroken the users can install third-party software not available in the App Store.

The UncOver group says the jailbreak, which works on iOS 11 and higher versions, is built in a way that it exploits the zero-day vulnerability. The tool is said to be the first zero-day jailbreak release since iOS 8. Moreover, it is stable and doesn’t drain battery life or prevent the use of Apple services such as iCloud, Apple Pay, or iMessage.  It doesn’t affect the usage of Apple providers or undermines the iOS sandbox safety. The jailbreak tool can be used from iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Jailbreaks rely on a flaw in iOS security procedures and mechanisms to function. Unc0ver said, “The jailbreak utilizes native system sandbox exceptions so that security remains intact while enabling access to jailbreak files.” However, the company refrained from revealing the fact that which vulnerability in iOS it exploited to build the jailbreak tool.

Unc0ver’s lead developer said, “The new jailbreak adds exceptions to existing norms, and it enables reading the new jailbreak files and parts of the file system that contain no user data.” He also said that the jailbreak tool is not open source.”

This concept of breaching the security runs on the fact that as jailbreakers work hard to find a way in, Apple works faster to patch the flaws, check the security breach to close the jailbreak.

It is known that another jailbreak was released in August 2019 for some iOS devices and it exploited a vulnerability in the devices. However, Apple worked seamlessly on discovering and efficiently fixing the vulnerability in its system.

In the older versions of iOS, jailbreaking was comparatively very common.  Jailbreaking always offered a user extra management over a tool’s OS. It permitted customization and let the install and set up apps that Apple would limit. However, it can be utilized by attackers to compromise a tool’s safety. The practice has however decreased in recent years with Apple coming up with new complicated features making it very difficult to breach the security. This new enhanced complicated security has resulted in shutting down of many prominent jailbreak-reliant app sources.

However, security experts are against jailbreak and also advise iPhone users against jailbreaking, because breaking out of the secured system vastly increases avenues for new vulnerabilities and harm the secure system. The security experts say that while jailbreaking offers benefits like allowing apps to be installed without going through the official App Store, the procedure should be avoided and shouldn’t be attempted by typical iPhone users without any important reason.


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