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YouTube started deleting comments insulting China’s Communist Party

YouTube started deleting comments insulting China’s Communist Party - Appy Pie

YouTube has started automatically deleting comments containing phrases related to criticism of China’s ruling Communist Party. The company said that this issue was happening due to an error and that it was looking into the issue.

Over deleting the comments, a YouTube spokesperson stated, “This appears to be an error in our enforcement systems and we are investigating the issue.”

As per reports, this isn’t a mistake that happened off late and there are indications of this occurring since October 2019, which was about 6 months ago. Though, it seems weird that if the removal of comments is a result of a simple mistake, then it has gone unnoticed for six months.

It was only recently that this phenomenon noticed by Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, which a division of Facebook Technologies.

However, YouTube has claimed that the issue was not the result of any change in its moderation policy and refused to give details on why or how this error occurred.

Comments which users leave under the videos or in live streams that contain the words like – communist bandit or 50 cent party – are automatically deleted in about 15 seconds, though their English language translations are not.

YouTube has even clarified how due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis the company has been relying more on technology than any human intervention.  The mystery of the deletions still remains shrouded as these statements by the company do not explain the occurrences of this phenomenon. The comments are removed immediately, which is very quick for human moderation. These banned phrases are deleted even if they are used positively. Moreover, this error has been occurring over 6 months ago when the COVID-19 pandemic hadn’t even been reported.

This censorship is a big puzzle for the digital world and also seems to be particularly strange considering that YouTube is presently banned in China, giving Google the parent company, few key reasons to censor comments criticizing the Communist Party or use any control as per the Chinese censorship laws.

In the past as well there have been similar examples of weird errors with a pro-Communist Party bias appearing in Google’s automated systems before and Google has fixed them without providing any details.

US President Donald Trump is now accusing YouTube’s parent company Google of pro-China bias. White House has also rotated a message that US tech companies’ censorship is biased against the global Republic policies.

Google also has always had a complex relationship with the government of China. The company had developed a censored prototype search engine for the Chinese market.  This search engine was known as Project Dragonfly and China never launched it in the country, Later Google informed a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last year that it had finally terminated the project.